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About Window Tinting Law

BEFORE you decide to tint your windows you need to read this.

This is NO JOKE!

This could save your bank account, your home, maybe even your life!

There is an unspoken SECRET in the tinting industry

... among MANY (in my opinion and experience) tint shops that can land you in jail or in debt for the rest of your life. It's getting your windows tinted illegally... that is, darker than the legal limit.

I know it looks better to most people. I receive many calls each week that goes like this: "But if I pay you cash will you tint my car darker? I won't tell anyone." Then, I say "no" which is then followed with, "I'll even pay you a little extra." When I say it's illegal, they say, "I know it's OK because I want it and besides XYZ Tint Shop said they would do it."

And you know something? I lose at least one job every day to other shops that DO tint darker thank the legal Limit. So, what's the big dark secret that can cost you your house, your life savings, your good credit, raise your insurance rates or worse... land you in jail?

It is the fact, that all of these things can happen to you if you have illegal tint on your car and you are involved in an accident. Don't believe me? Call the local District Attorney (or read the Wisconsin Tinting Law here).

Call your insurance company. Tell them you are getting your car tinted illegally and notice what happens. Better still, call them first and ask them what would happen if you tinted your car's windows illegally and got in an accident.

Let me paint a picture for you.

You paid a shop cash to tint your car illegally because that's what YOU wanted. The tint shop is only too glad to take your money and they conveniently "forget" to tell you it's against the law and you could go to jail, get a ticket, or lose everything you have IF you are involved in an accident...even if it's NOT your fault.

They don't tell you that because they want your money. I'm telling you this because you need to know that wanting illegal tint, because it looks better to you doesn't make sense once you know what it can cost you.

When you're in an accident and someone gets hurt, you open yourself up to an insurance claim, right? It it's your fault, your insurance company will pay for it. You have no worries. If it's the other guy's fault, his insurance company will pay for it.

However, if you have illegal tint on your car and a smart insurance adjuster notices that, your insurance company or the other guys insurance company can refuse to pay for anything.


They can cit your illegal tint as the cause of the accident! So, even if it wasn't your fault, now it could be. An accident can easily create medical bills of $15,000.00 for non-life threatening injuries and more than $100,000.00 for more serious ones.

If your insurance company refuses to pay, how will you pay for it? File for bankruptcy? Lose your house or lifesavings? It's not worth it.

This actually happened to one of my clients two years ago. I tinted their vehicle legally. But it took a lot of convincing because they really, really, really wanted to have dark window tint on their car. They also had a new baby. And the ironic thing is, the guy's mother followed them over to give them a ride when they dropped off their car to me. Her car was tinted illegally, big time!

Anyway, I tinted their car and two months later they were in an accident and the car was totaled, but thankfully they were not critically injured. They were hurt bad though. They were all in the car, including the baby. And you know what happened?

I've been preaching the risks of illegal tint for years until I'm blue in the face and this was the first, and so far only time this has happened to one of my clients. Their own insurance adjuster looked at the vehicle and said they weren't going to pay for any of the damages to their vehicle or the other vehicle. They were not going to pay for any medical bills either.

The reason? He said your car is tinted! He assumed it was illegal. And his job is to save his company money whenever possible. This would have forced them into bankruptcy and probably into civil court to face a lawsuit.

Good news though. They had proof that it was tinted legally and the insurance company paid. They called me to tell me this story because they remembered me preaching to them about the potential risks of tinting darker than the law allows. They thanked me! And I was happy I didn't take cash and tint their car illegally. It's not worth it.

So, there you go. I hope this will help you make the right decision. And, of course, I hope you decide to come to me to have your car tinted. Have a great day. Credit to: Bob Rossignol "the window tint king"

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Jul 11, 2022

Is there any windshield replacement company offers window tinting services at a decent cost, i want to have it for my BMW?

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