• Tabitha

Don't Drink and Drive

So, we saw this news article and it got us thinking, "Why do people still drink and drive?" Seems more and more, we see repeat offenders. Repeat? We definitely need to do better and learn from our mistakes. This mistake, is a BIG DEAL. People die. This particular story hits close to home as we have motorcycle riders here at work.

So, if the fact that you can KILL someone isn't enough to deter someone from making bad decisions, just think of the amount of money and headache you spend for an OWI.

We work with LifeSafer and install ignition interlock systems here. While in no way sympathizing or condoning driving while intoxicated, we are happy to support a commitment towards safer roads for ours, and your loved ones. Mind you, you will PAY quite a bit of money. Just our fees can equal anywhere between $500 and $1000 over a 2 year span of time. Our hope is, the more we charge you, the more you will decide to never to drink and drive again. So, yeah, no breaks. That's just us, not including what you pay for court/legal fees, LifeSafer themselves, the DMV, and so much more. Oh, and don't forget the time you need to take off of work to take care of all this. So, even if you don't actually KILL anyone, you are hurting yourself and your loved ones.

Let's be safe out there.


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