• Dawn

Why We Choose NOT to Do Illegal Window Film!

We here at Auto Trim and Sign take pride in being the best window film installer in Wausau, with the best warranty, the highest quality of film and experienced installers. We have many loyal customers who have us tint each and every one of their vehicles. We love doing this. We also get many phone calls from people who aren't happy with a window film installation they had done at another shop that doesn't back their work. We also are quick to help out in these situations.

However, what we don't love is the many calls we get for requests to do illegal window film installations. We don't install illegal tints. Period.

And here's why:

1. Window film restricts visible light from entering your vehicle, which reduces the distance you can see. So if you have tint darker than 35% on your back windows, it would be hard for you to see backing in a parking lot at night. So one reason for tint restrictions is for the safety of pedestrians.

2. Window film also restricts police from being able to see inside the car on a traffic stop, especially at night. If the occupants have a gun, the police officer wouldn't be able to see it or anyone in the backseat until it was too late. We can understand their concern. Therefore, another reason for tint restrictions is for police safety.

3. Also, window film restricts the driver's ability to see, especially out of the sides and rear of the vehicle at night and during inclement weather or poor visibility. So driver visibility is another reason for window film restrictions.

4. It's the law. Without law there's anarchy.

Here are the Wisconsin window tint laws.

Now you know what the law is and why we adhere to it.


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